We are so proud to work with three incredible, local women artists to create our 2019 Girl Tribe Gameday line. We wanted to be transparent on how we work with these artists in order to create a mutually beneficial relationship and encourage others to hire artists and to pay them fairly. We began with the initial meeting, brainstorming concepts, finding inspo, then moving onto contract signing and payment and final deliverables. We paid each artist up front for their design and also will pay them a small residual of the sale of each shirt with their respective designs. What does this mean? That a portion of the sale of each shirt goes back to the artist - so they can keep doing what they are meant to do - create beautiful art and work for themselves. 

Who are these uniquely talented women? Find out here:


Kristin Dills (@kristindillsart

Girl Tribe: Kristin totally rocks line drawing and watercolor like nobody's business, so we just let her fly after giving her a few words ('panther face', 'illustration' + 'fierce'). She added in the bolt, as it is apart of Girl Tribe's core branding elements - and the rest is a beautiful history. 

Jen Hill (@2hills)

Girl Tribe: We have known and loved Jen deeply for years. Jen always shows up and calls you 'hun' - but is here to play. Her entire life is glitter and splatter paint and late nights. Jen has done some of our favorite murals in Charlotte and we can't wait to see more from her on a large scale. Jen has had this Dolly Parton idea for a while - and we let her run with it! If you notice the nails on Dolly + the big ring, that is totally Jen and we totally love it. 

<Find Jen Here>

Bree Stallings (@breequixote) 

Girl Tribe: No one does business like Bree. She is a true artist and also an incredibly smart badass that manages her business like a pro. Bree shares and mentors numerous children and artists in our community through various projects and one on one sharing. We told Bree that we loved the idea of a new take on the famous Rolling Stones lips, and she nailed it with our glossy lip design! And she added a little extra edge with that gold star on the tooth that peeks out of the glossy lips!

<Find Bree Here>