This summer we have had so much fun collaborating with our favorite influencers and local brands to bring you unique mini collections. 

When we thought about what other brand we wanted to partner with, Shop Homewurk was at the forefront of all of our minds. Not only do all of us around the office love her merch, but she’s also participated in many of our Girl Tribe Pop Up events this summer at Alexander Homestead. 

From our first meeting with Shop Homewurk founder Annabelle Johnson, there was instant excitement to figure out how we could create the perfect blend of our two brands. It was important to both teams that we kept the spirit of each brand in the collection, while also making it a cohesive collaboration.

“When we were first dreaming up ideas of a collaboration between Girl Tribe and Homewurk I knew I wanted it to be the perfect mix of both brands,” said Annabelle, “and the words that came to my mind were feminine, encouraging, neutral and youthful. After this past year I had decided that in each merch collection I create I wanted it to have an inspirational or meaningful quote incorporated into it in hopes of encouraging not only those who wear the pieces, but also those that see others wearing the pieces as well. Both of the quotes that were chosen had to do with growth and evolving and it only felt fitting that a butterfly would go along with that!” 

From those ideas and inspiration a vision board and our initial art board was made. Then it was time to start teasing the collection. Both us and Annabelle had posted a few Instagram stories along the way, but the news of a collaboration collection officially dropped at Girl Tribe Pop Up in the Garden in July with a photo moment revealing one of the designs from the collection. 

Photo from @toricurbelo

This collection means a lot to our team here at Girl Tribe as well, as we have been experiencing a lot of growth and change during these past few months. We’ve grown out of our office, we're working out of a temporary office, and we've grown our team. In launching this collection we are all reminding ourself that change is good, and we're giving ourselves the space and time to grow even when it's uncomfortable and when there's some bumps along the way. We're excited to continue dreaming with you all. Thank you all for your continued support. xo


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August 19, 2021 — Carrie Barker