The end of September brings the beginning of fall, and even though we don't always see that chilly fall weather right away here in Charlotte, that has not stopped our team from getting in the spooky spirit. 

Some would say our team is more excited about Halloween than the average person. If you polled our team over half of us would probably say Halloween is their favorite holiday; so this collection is very exciting for us and we're even more excited now that it's live. 

After working very hard on this collection for the past couple months, seeing it come in piece by piece, and trying to add our ghost on a skateboard to as many pieces as we could, it was time for the photoshoot.

Finding the perfect location was a little trickier than we thought since most fall activities start in October, but after a lot of searching we were able to find a spot that completely surpassed all of our expectations: the Carrigan Farms Haunted Trail. 

We are so excited to share all of these spooky pieces with you and we hope there is something for everyone in this collection whether you are a Halloween super fan or just want something festive to wear on October 31st!

xo Girl Tribe 


September 28, 2021 — Carrie Barker