Protect Our Kids Rainbow Tee

$ 30.00 USD

Again we beg, protect our children. Let them be free. Let them be happy. And above all, please let them come home and sleep in their beds at night. My kids, your kids, all kids. Please, protect them. Keep them safe. At drop off, every parent closes their eyes every day and whispers *please let me pick them up at 3 whole*.
Our original Protect Our Kids tee in lilac raised 1000s and was sent @everytown. That was after Ulvade. So many more have happened since. I didn’t want this to be a shirt we had always. I wanted that to be the last one. We all wanted that to be the last one. We know of course, it was not the last one.
Today, we also introduce Protect Our Kids (and love all) tee as well. 100% of the proceeds will be sent to @timeoutyouth in Charlotte. I wish this organization was here a long time ago, but I am so grateful it is here now.
Please show kindness. Show love. And above all – ALL of our kids deserve to be loved, sheltered, shown compassion.
Thank you to teachers and administrators everywhere who give so much to our children. We do not expect you to give your lives.
What else do we do? What can we do? We use our voices, we raise and send money and we fucking change this reality. Enough.

With love, GT

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